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Cocoxim - Organic pineapple coconut water 330ml

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SKU: F103712
Unique taste of coconut from Mekong Delta of Vietnam, which has been always considered as the most fertile part of Vietnam. The civilization, living in the Ben Tre Province in the ancient times, was able to use advanced agricultural techniques, such as digging canals or dam building. The water in this area is still very fertile and contains natural antibiotics. It is processed with care, so the water stays 100% pure, full of vitamins and health promoting substances. 1. Certified Organic USDA, EU, ACO & China, non-GMO, lactose free, HALAL & KOSHER. Hand-picked from Ben Tre - the coconut capital of Vietnam, packed within 24h for natural & unique taste of Mekong Delta area. 2. Never from concentrate, no preservatives/ additives, no sugar added, fat & cholesterol free, lactose free, low calories (only 60 calories per 240ml, 4 servings per container). 3. Five essential electrolytes: potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus & magnesium. Organic coconut water (94.99%), organic pineapple juice (5%) and Natural flavor.