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CocoXim - Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

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SKU: H203701
Nutrition facts Calories (130kcal) Total Fat (14g) Cholesterol (0mg) Sodium (0mg) Carbohydrate (0g) Protein (0g) Cocoxim Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted by cold-pressed technology directly from fresh coconut meat by centrifugal technology to preserve the nutrients of coconut oil, white, transparent, none coconut candy smell. Organic virgin coconut oil is being used in moisturizing skin, lips, hair, eyelashes, makeup, body massage ... Especially suitable for skin in dry and cold weather. Besides cosmetic use, coconut oil is also used in foods such as vegetable oil (stir-fry, salad dressings, etc.). 56-60% of the fatty oils are MCTs (medium-chain fatty acids) that help absorb quickly and instantly convert it into energy that helps the body function without creating stored fat. Therefore, coconut oil is also being taken for instant energy from nature. With the direct centrifugal technology from fresh coconut meat, virgin coconut oil has a shelf life of 2 years without preservatives. Certificates: KOSHER, HALAL, FSSC 22000:2005, BRC, USFDA, BSCI, ORGANIC Storage: Store in a cool dry place