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Cocoxim Coconut milk to drink CHOCOLATE 330ml

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Nutrition facts: Calories 220kcal Total Fat 12g Cholesterol 0g Sodium (Natri) 135mg Carbohydrates 29g Sugar 22g Protein 2g Calcium (can xi) 24mg Potassium (Ka li) 490mg Phosphorus (Phốtpho) 71mg Magnesium (Magiê) 48mg Lauric acid (Axit lauric) 4.9 g Polyphenol 209mg Anthocyanin 3.9mg DESCRIPTION The harmonious mixture of natural coconut milk and dark chocolate powder is a unique tasty drink providing essential energy for your day. Not only provides nutrition, minerals from coconut but also provides Lauric acid - an antibacterial acid – which is only in coconut milk and breast milk to increase the body's resistance Dark chocolate may reduce heart disease, improve brain functions, control blood sugar because of many antioxidants of its own PACKING Processing coconut milk by UHT – the state of the art technology which maintains its freshness and nutritive, extends up shelf-life of product without any preservatives. 330ml/pack; 12 packs/carton